Give your visuals a post-pandemic facelift. 

 Everything is changing fast.

Thanks to the miracle of science, we are emerging from the darkest cloud of the COVID 19 pandemic. The business reboot is this summer of 2021, and visual brands need a refresh too. For the last 16 months, we’ve been distancing, wearing masks, and doing business behind plexiglass – or in front of Zoom. Work fashion changed, our business priorities have even changed, We have all changed. Your customers are ready to see what our “new normal” looks like now. 

From Fortune 500 companies to the boutiques on Main Street for many, marketing visuals (photography and short-form video) have taken a backseat while we kept business running. 

Recently I have been talking with my clients about these four things to consider to refresh your organizations visual brand using photography.

  1. Identify the three things you want to illustrate to show your business is “thriving, not just surviving?” I work with my clients to determine the best way to illustrate these business messages in a series of photographs, well-designed web advertisements, or a short-form Instagram video. 
  2. As public health recommendations continue to evolve to the daily needs of your community, plan more frequent updates to your visual marketing package. You may now choose to spread your messaging and visuals budget over a longer time frame to reflect the recovery evolution over the next several months. Businesses have come to me to produce images for rapidly changing conditions to remain current for any situation. 
  3. Consider how your refreshed messaging will reflect the “new-new times?” Will you address the pandemic head-on? Will you show people wearing masks or no masks? Maybe a view of a busy storefront, a socially engaged campus, an in-person meeting. 
  4. Summer gives us the light and weather to showcase your brand message or products in the real world. Many organizations are still determining the working spaces for their people. This is the time to use all of the location assets your organization has to offer. As they say in real estate – “Location, Location, Location” – I am working with several clients who are doing everything from their headshots to experiential photos/videos on location, whether in their backyards, in the mountains, or on the seashore. 

I look forward to talking with you about your marketing refresh.

By richardkellyphoto

Photographer | Educator | Creative Director

"Creating visual experiences photographing extraordinary people making a difference."

Portraits and Visual Narratives for Editorial, Education, Healthcare and Hospitality sectors.

Richard Kelly Experience Workshops
Point Park University Photo BFA program - Instructor

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